Laura Paragano has a mouth from New Jersey and a soul from California. Her coastal influences combine to create what might be described as a “heartland-surf sound.” Paragano is based out of San Francisco.

Strange curses, out now!

Her full-length album, "Strange Curses," was released in September 2018. Paragano’s creative, honest lyrics provide a foundation for reverb-heavy guitars that “keep the album on the edge of a memory, wistful yet light enough to be carried away by an ocean breeze” ( and soulful melodies soaked in “a kind of twangy sensuality” (

Players: Laura Paragano, Jerry Miller, Linden Evans, Corey Adams, Sean Flynn, and Eric Sanabria. Recorded at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco, CA. Engineered by Sami Perez. Mixed by Sami Perez. Mastered by Jacob Winik. Art by Suma CM.

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Live performance photos taken by friends. Studio photos taken by Aaron Wolf.

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